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01 March 2018 @ 09:11 pm
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02 February 2017 @ 01:12 pm
Bolivia in May is cancelled and I'm slightly disappointed because I was ready for it but with the travel situation going on Diego is scared to run in to issues since he has not applied to be a citizen yet he only has his green card. I won't fight it, because I agree he should probably just play it safe and get his citizenship already. So we may go later in the year or who knows when. Otherwise he offered to go on a cruise during that time but he doesn't really want to spend the money since it's 300 + pre-paid tips + the alcohol package = more than 500 for each of us for 3 days... I don't know if I can convince him to go or if I should just not push it and save our money instead. It's just the last cruise I went on with the fam was fun as hell and I wish he was on it with me so I do want to go ONE DAY. I just dont know if its the right time since he needs to get a car and I need to just make my fiances in the positive mark.. lol I think I will settle for a 2-3 day getaway with hotel and beach time included so maybe key west or something of the sort... ft Myers beach house rental with another couple?? sounds good to meeee.

I did my taxes on my own this year on turbo tax, instead of paying someone $40-80... I got 2,101 approved and last year it was 2.6k so it is $500 less thanks to something to do with my healthcare section. But I'm fine with it, I was just aiming for more than 2k so it's good enough for me. Plus last time I had to wait an hour or more for the accountant and it was kinda more of a pain that way tbh.

Anyway I ordered my new license online today so I should get it in a week or less. I went more than a week without it so I should be fine waiting more time.

The only positive about not going to Bolivia for a week and some days in May is that I can apply for different jobs then. I was looking a bunch up and worked on my resume so I was almost ready to apply for a higher paying reception-type job but I didn't think they would take it well if I had to take a week off in a few months. So I am delving back into the ones I put aside and will make it my goal to apply to at least 3 starting next week and before the end of February!! Still in season, and looking for benefits similar to this job or better. Looking for at least 13 an hour because only $1 up from here is not worth the move in my opinion, seeing as I have lenient bosses and am friends with Letty, etc. I've been here for more than a year and a half so I am fully comfortable and I'm worried to change that state to go to another job where I don't know what to expect when it comes to: leniency on being 5 minutes late, how easy it is to get days off in advance, how flexible they can be with my school days and days/times I'd rather not work. ETC! I've gotta give it a go, though and I cannot be here forever. I've just got to take the leap but I am preparing as much as I can prior to that leap: by for example perfecting my resume and preparing questions I need to ask before accepting a job.

I'm currently drinking tea. Ew. The only tea I can stand that I know of is English Breakfast/British Breakfast. with some sugar, honey and a tiny bit of milk (preferably soy or almond).

I feel so extremly lazy because I need to paint my nails at the very least to feel like... better about my daily apperance but I have not because it will take me more than an hour. I need to do my cuticles and re-shape them since I want the length since... so that's the tedious part. painting is usually a breeze but its the prepwork and the cleanup afterwords that is any kind of challenge. Also, the other thing I have been meaning to do is just spend 1 hour of a day, styling my hair so it can look better for the next 3 days! it's totally worth the "struggle" yet I dont do it because of the laziness. Even just to straighten it would be good... But since I don't need to wait to do keratin for Bolivia trip... I can schedul to do it in the next few weeks and that will help the look a lot. So now my goal is to dye my hair in some way, either simply re-bleach the lower part or all over medium brown :o then schudel with xiomara to cut and straighten :D
30 January 2017 @ 03:37 pm
I am going to the gym for about an hour - an hour and a half twice a week. This is more than not going at all like before obviously, but I'm trying to make it at least 3 times a week. It is just not cutting it because I am still eating too much junk.

My Zoom tan membership is up as of the end of 2016 and I didn't use it enough last year but the times that I did, I loved it. I'm debating going for the full year plan again and aiming for twice a month as well. My days are just so limited because I usually work 8-6pm and after that I just want to get home to Diego and chill.

My glasses are getting a little beat up and it's been more than a year so it's about time to think about my next ones! I'll probably stay with my usual black all around frames but it'll be nice because these are falling off my face needing to be tightened too. Hopefully I can do all this before Bolivia, I just want to use that trip as a marker for getting shit done BEFORE not waiting till nearly half the year is gone.

QUICK MOVIE RECAP (I go either weekly or sometime bi-weekly to Paragon for their $6 tuesdays)

Going back to December briefly, Why Him? - kind of sort of horrible in my opinion lol.
Assassin's Creed - fell asleep for the majority of the film...
Hidden Figures - absolutely lovely! I cried approx. 3 times, and it was just so moving and wonderfully better than I expected from the one trailer I watched. Highly recommend.
Split - Kept me alert and just as good as I expected from the trailer. I liked the film but I would say I loved the actor and his acting of the character more than the actual film. I don't even know his real name, just that he was the wheelchair Professor "Charles" in the recent Xmen movie, lol. Looked it up, James McAvoy, like him a lot. *___*
Underworld: Blood Wars - Going in as a fan of the series, I personally enjoyed the whole thing. Atrractive main characters help a lot IMHO. But overally very action-packed and intense I would say :)

Looking forward to seeing these as soon as they come out: The Space Between Us, The Cure for Wellness, and Beauty in the Beast.

Also I've been trying to watch more tv shows since Diego's finally up for it, TV SHOWS:
Game of Thrones - We marathoned the full 6 seasons in approximately 1 month? It was absolutely worth all the hype. Like, yes, I'm obsessed and I have decieded Jon Snow is my baby-boothang...  I did watch like 2 1/2 seasons more than a year ago but then stopped, so I re-watched that and finished it but I cannot wait for the next seasons. I almost wish I waited longer to go through it now since we have to WAIIIIT for Season 7. I got my parents hooked now.
Black Mirror - Recommended to me by Luxon. First episode had me wondering if I should even continue but after getting the hang of what the show was trying to show, it's pretty interesting and I'm into it. I'm on the last short season 3 that's on Netflix, and I recommend it if you like a twilight zone type of show, or "alternate universe" feels. Every episode is pretty much independent from each other so there are no linkin characters whatsoever.
Mr. Robot - Not keeping my interest. I thought it would grow on me but 5 episodes in and I'm still sort of bored and stumped about it. I also thought the main actor would grow on me, but character is lacking IMO and his crazy eyes are not doing it for me LOL. Sorry not sorry. I will still try to finish it and season 2 even because I rather finish it before judging it.
Westworld - This will be my next one to start once I finish Mr. Robot. I'm looking forward to it. :)
30 January 2017 @ 02:31 pm

Okay, maybe feisty is not the word for it but I've got my red velvet shoes, my matching scarf, and some oxblood red lips to throw it together today. I was yawning up a storm at 11 but now I'm awake and ready to get things done this week!!? I brought down my scarf bag and I'm trying to gently incorporate them in this week, which works because it's pretty chilly! Tomorrow I'll try the leopard scarf with all black outfit except some tan flats. ;) Also really trying to wear lipsticks more often even though my lips are usually dry and chapped AF, it's worth the shot. We just have a plethora of lipsticks in our makeup collection and I"m addicted to using such a small limited amount that I need to break out and use at least 3 a week to get my money out of some of them!! Seriously between my sister and I we have at least 20 MACs and at least 70 of other brands so... using 3 lipsticks over and over is not cutting it for me. makeup is a topic to talk about for hours as well. i wish we could just stop buying it and go through a third of what we own before buying more but it just won't happen. Same with nail polishes, over 100 and not enough time to use them all. My nails have been paint less for more than a week now, WTF!

I turned in the group assignment that's due before class tomorrow, and kinda proud that I got it put together and turned in before the other girls in the group even bothered to discuss our plan for it. For once I can push them since they are more interested in just talking social/ sorority life. I'd be like that if the calss weren't so darn easy to finish up quickly THEN talk or if I had friends in the class lol. Anyway now I have 3 assignments due Sunday which I can get done.... Before Friday I'm sure. Thankfully the online class is easy so far as well and I just need to read a bit before taking the quick quizzes, cause I haven't been Aceing them...

This weekend was planned out to be awesome and full of new "adventures" but it didn't work out as planned. Saturday we planned to go ice skating as a big group around 8:30, but when we all arrived, minus the ones that cancelled, it was so packed that our shoe sizes were not in stock. So we had to come up with a makeshift backup plan which turned out to be just Starbucks for like 10 minutes then go home -_- I will try again another night but maybe get there RIGHT when it starts instead of 30 min into the event. I was mostly bummed because of having the chance to hang out with Barb for once in a blue moon but it not working out, sucked. Otherwise, NBD.

Then we had bought meat for a Sunday beach BBQ with Abdul since his bday had just passed, but that completely fell through because the weather was cold and rainy. :( Since we couldn't meet at the beach I didn't feel like meeting up with just a few people at his house, a bit awk sadly. So, instead we chilled at home and watched the fourth underworld movie which we both fell asleep during... lol Then we headed out with the parents and magde to GCTC to eat at calistoga but we couldn't find the darn restaurant so we settled for panera again... Then we made it on time to the 8PM showing of the fifth Underworld movie.

Overall, it was still a fine and enjoyable weekend since I'm easy to satisfy I guess and I got to chill in my pjs and slippers half the day on Sunday while I did laundry hehe. We just need to re-plan something with Barb and something with Abdul!

Mood: awake
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27 January 2017 @ 04:29 pm
I'm all caught up with work stuff so here I am at work for another 2 hours with not much to do. I actually brought my textbook so I can catch up and read for class... but I remembered I still have a livejournal, so here I am!

Random Topic Choice: I'm planning on going to Bolivia soon!!!

  Diego is from there so he is wanting to go visit his family since it has been about 2 years since he last visited and his father and step siblings are there. His grandmother is also around her 90's already so, it would be great to make sure he sees her as much as possible. I was a little intimidated by the December plane ticket prices which were near the $1,000 mark but we are looking at going for a week and a few day in the beginning of May and the tickets I saw were more like $400! That is a great deal and I've never been to south america so I'm quite excited for the adventure and the experience. What I am nervous about is meeting the rest of his family. I have met his mom, step-dad and step-sisters here in Naples and I love them, they are great. His extended family is a lot to think about and I'm nervous about my Spanish speaking abilities so I know I need to try my best and just go with it, without worrying so much. Worrying tends to make me unfriendlier or tenser than I should be. I want to start watching some Spanish novelas or tv shows just to get my mind thinking in that languange a little more and a little easier. But we will see about that, since we are currently watching Mr. Robot and Black Mirrors. Either way I am keeping it in mind that when I have the opportunity to work on my Spanish speaking skills, I really need to so that I can become more comfortable.

  We have been dating for 10 months now so by the time May rolls around it will be 1 year. (Come to think of it, last time I traveled to my ex's hometown. in New Hampshire. I had only been in that relationship for a few months lol.) Either way I take it as a fun experience and a chance to get to know where he came from better. All good!

  So far the only plan we have is to leave Wednesday, May 3rd at night after our final exams and stay until May 15th which is around the time that our summer classes will begin. This will give us 2 weekends there and the first weekend we will go with his Santa Cruz de la Sierra family to the "Eco Resort" in Buena Vista. That sound fun to me, I am just hoping there aren't too many spiders and I hope the pools are heated, because otherwise I may be a bad sport unfortunetly. I am just petrified of spiders and will not stand to be near one once I spot it, 100% PHYSICALLY CANNOT. As for cold water pools, that's more of a 90% PHYSICALLY WILL NOT. No A/C? I can deal. Flies around? That's fine. Unpaved streets? Let's do it. But bugs and coldness? Noooooo thanks.

  Other than the trip to the resort in Buena Vista, we will be going around his home town, visiting family and staying at families houses which will help with the expenses!  I'm sure we will plenty of people to show us around town, and just last weekend I got to meet a few family members who came to visit for a while. His mom's cousin or something like that, but the dude our age with Carlos and he was cool to hang out with. I got to get to know him a little and he slept over in my room on the first day of meeting lol so I'll be glad to see him again. The tables will be turned: his first time in the US and my first time in Bolivia! Diego wants to go for 2 weeks but I quite content with a week and a few days especially because that's already pushing it when it comes to requesting off work for me.

  I still have to renew my passport which will take 6 weeks once I actually get to the DMV to confirm how to do it correctly... and before I do that I need to get a new licences actually. I lost it very recently so that stinks.... The other issue is getting that week off work, hopefully it's not denied because I am going anyway, and my boss should be able to hire someone else by that time... Barbara left us a week ago and we still have no one in line to replace her or training, nothing yet! I'm hopefull we get another felxible full timer soon though.  Anyways:

Before the trip (to do):

  • Buy plane tickets ASAP (400 approx)

  • Request the week off work

  • Replace Driver's Licence (25 online)

  • Renew Passport (110-190)

  • Get a travel VISA (160)

  • Pack, plan details, etc!!

Where can I find the spell check on the visual editor tab???? :(