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27 January 2017 @ 04:29 pm
Bolivia Plan TBD  
I'm all caught up with work stuff so here I am at work for another 2 hours with not much to do. I actually brought my textbook so I can catch up and read for class... but I remembered I still have a livejournal, so here I am!

Random Topic Choice: I'm planning on going to Bolivia soon!!!

  Diego is from there so he is wanting to go visit his family since it has been about 2 years since he last visited and his father and step siblings are there. His grandmother is also around her 90's already so, it would be great to make sure he sees her as much as possible. I was a little intimidated by the December plane ticket prices which were near the $1,000 mark but we are looking at going for a week and a few day in the beginning of May and the tickets I saw were more like $400! That is a great deal and I've never been to south america so I'm quite excited for the adventure and the experience. What I am nervous about is meeting the rest of his family. I have met his mom, step-dad and step-sisters here in Naples and I love them, they are great. His extended family is a lot to think about and I'm nervous about my Spanish speaking abilities so I know I need to try my best and just go with it, without worrying so much. Worrying tends to make me unfriendlier or tenser than I should be. I want to start watching some Spanish novelas or tv shows just to get my mind thinking in that languange a little more and a little easier. But we will see about that, since we are currently watching Mr. Robot and Black Mirrors. Either way I am keeping it in mind that when I have the opportunity to work on my Spanish speaking skills, I really need to so that I can become more comfortable.

  We have been dating for 10 months now so by the time May rolls around it will be 1 year. (Come to think of it, last time I traveled to my ex's hometown. in New Hampshire. I had only been in that relationship for a few months lol.) Either way I take it as a fun experience and a chance to get to know where he came from better. All good!

  So far the only plan we have is to leave Wednesday, May 3rd at night after our final exams and stay until May 15th which is around the time that our summer classes will begin. This will give us 2 weekends there and the first weekend we will go with his Santa Cruz de la Sierra family to the "Eco Resort" in Buena Vista. That sound fun to me, I am just hoping there aren't too many spiders and I hope the pools are heated, because otherwise I may be a bad sport unfortunetly. I am just petrified of spiders and will not stand to be near one once I spot it, 100% PHYSICALLY CANNOT. As for cold water pools, that's more of a 90% PHYSICALLY WILL NOT. No A/C? I can deal. Flies around? That's fine. Unpaved streets? Let's do it. But bugs and coldness? Noooooo thanks.

  Other than the trip to the resort in Buena Vista, we will be going around his home town, visiting family and staying at families houses which will help with the expenses!  I'm sure we will plenty of people to show us around town, and just last weekend I got to meet a few family members who came to visit for a while. His mom's cousin or something like that, but the dude our age with Carlos and he was cool to hang out with. I got to get to know him a little and he slept over in my room on the first day of meeting lol so I'll be glad to see him again. The tables will be turned: his first time in the US and my first time in Bolivia! Diego wants to go for 2 weeks but I quite content with a week and a few days especially because that's already pushing it when it comes to requesting off work for me.

  I still have to renew my passport which will take 6 weeks once I actually get to the DMV to confirm how to do it correctly... and before I do that I need to get a new licences actually. I lost it very recently so that stinks.... The other issue is getting that week off work, hopefully it's not denied because I am going anyway, and my boss should be able to hire someone else by that time... Barbara left us a week ago and we still have no one in line to replace her or training, nothing yet! I'm hopefull we get another felxible full timer soon though.  Anyways:

Before the trip (to do):

  • Buy plane tickets ASAP (400 approx)

  • Request the week off work

  • Replace Driver's Licence (25 online)

  • Renew Passport (110-190)

  • Get a travel VISA (160)

  • Pack, plan details, etc!!

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