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25 July 2016 @ 03:19 pm
looking back this was our 4 month mark of being a couple hehe :o

Diego can be a sweetheart, he switched with Tiare to have Sunday off since I have it off now for the reason of spending it together. He came over Saturday night super late after my shift so I was already heart-swollen that he would just come to spend the night with me but he left in the morning and came back so we could spend the whole day together. Originally we wanted to go to adventure Islands but the weather up there looked crappy so we made the best of the day just being normal in Naples. So he let me know he made plans for us to have lunch with Abdul at 11am sunday and I was happy with the plans he made and the fact that it was going to be a good start to the day!

I woke up when he got back to my house at about 10:25 so i had like 15 min to get ready and 15 to drive there but turns out Abdul was running late so I had a little more time and I was ready quick but then we relaxed until we headed out to poke hunt before meeting. We drove around a bit while Diego smoked before lunch and went to about 5 poke stops maybe. We caught some pokemon in the plaza of the restaurant/bed bath and beyond (which we were at saturday morning too!). We met with Abdul at about 12 for lunch at Blue Fish buffett. Havent seen him in a while and I dont converse all the much with them or him but the little we do is decent and I dont feel awkward with them so I'm happy to be invited and completely welcome with them always. We ate for 10$ each and each had a corona plus 1 for Diego obviously. It was good I got full with a plate and a half. Diego paid and Abdul gave him the cash for his part.

After that we didnt really know what to do so we were going to pokehunt in mirmar outlets but it started to pur on the highway so we turned around and decided against it. I needed to use a restroom really bad so we stopped at walgreens in vineyards, it was pouring when we finished up so diego pulled the car around which was sweet but the moment i got in the car he wanted to switch seats which i was bummed about and i pretty much said no thanks ???? and hes like fine but can you do me a favor and i didnt need him to say it i already know the reason i usually always drice and that's for him to pack and smoke. so i pulled his backpack and got his stuff out and ready for him. two or three times. before we headed to cambier park to play again. we put our lures and walked all around the park before lucky egging it in one location with 3  stops right near us. stayed there for about an hour and it was kinda hot and bugs were biting so we drove down 5th ave which was soooo packed with stops! played the gym and beat it but it got beat right baCK LOl.

then we went to the pier too which on the drive there diego wanted to pack but he was done with the ground up bud i knew that so it was just the kief or stronger powder on the bottom he was looking for a key or a paper to scrap it into the bowl but didnt find anything so he kinda said oh well antoher time then but i said "how about the gum wrapper" since he sometimes does that and i thought it would be normal and nice of me even though i was perfectly fine with him not having to smoke again so soon but he got his hits in while police were kinda crawling downtown but we walked the pier and it was about to rain so only about 20 min caught some nice ones and got plenty of stuff from the stops. love the downtown area for hunting and gathering supplies for sure! i leveled up twice :)

( oh yeah and when he was driving he got to see how hard it is to poke and drive! ha but i know he did mention the whole he doesnt wanna be caught driving with his liscence trouble blah blah yeah thats the only reason not the substances he has lol. but he also stopped by cvs before the poke hunting for his cotton mouth or craving, right after eating.. pepsi coffee drink and an ice cream lol he just had icecream at the restaurant but whatever i joined him and smiled although i try not to spend money like that on a 3x a day basis like him lol gather stuff from home or think ahead idk. )

Now for sure he was out of weed for the day because he always jsut brings his grinder full so i like when i get to witness whenever he uses it up or how or what he does exactly. its better for me persoanlly. more confidence there so i like it but he probably rather do it on his own. anyway so at this point walking back to the car elizabeth was calling and texting me. so we decided to go ahead and head home and change quickly before we watch our movie that night. but we decided to watch lights out the day before and deigo wanted to make it a double feature to include hilarys america first so we finally decided on 4:45 showing at hollywood 20 and lights out at 7:45 right after! it was already 4:30 so we ran home changed freshened up while saying hi and bye to tania. got there late but front row seats! i fell asleep a bit in the middle and diego agreed it was kinda boring then but he loved it, way into it and all for it. it was pretty short so we had an hour before the other showing which i invited magde and she was on her way over form miami so she made it just in the knick of time to be driven over with daisy and anthony.

but in that hour gap we went to the gas station for him to use the restroom, total wine becasue he wanted to get tipsy before the next movie. which we did with 2 vodka shots for me and 1 for him, and he had a nasty beer that he chugged before going to panera to get food to go and brought it in my purse to eat in the theater. he also got two expensive beers at the theater and i got one cause after one drink usually im happy and loving him instead of judging him cause im joining him when usually hes on a differnt level without me. but i did go to the bathroom in the movie and cried without wanting to just thinking about the whole substance dependency thing with diego and how i dont love it like he does everyday and how i dont think i can do this forever because its not fully ME. and just thinking about mason when i should not be. like usual. but the buzz kept me from being really scared in the movie. i mean i still jumped a few times but it was an OK movie. still hollywood 20 sucks with the whole teenagers everywhere and loudness in the theater plus no reserved seating is a pain. but i got to treat him on our tickets there and also panera cause i get the discounts there  ^_^

after that he actually invited magde to poke hunt again with us at cambier and the pier it was only 9:30 we stayed for an hour but first we went and got one more beer from the gas station. at this point i was drunk but drove well. now looking back im not surprised that he invited someone because he was out of stuff so he wasnt able to do it anyway.

then when we finished there we went home and showered before some niiiiice, hardcore bed fun haha.

he slept over again and he didnt see his dog for 24 hours so he only mentioned it once and i knew it and felt bad but was so happy he held out the "WHOLE" sunday with me well he was there at 7am left till 10ish so apart from that AWESOME FEELING for me ;_; im so needy i know but i love having himmmmmmm the whole time not ok leave home in the morning, come back at 11, stay till 3 before it rains then head home get stuck in the rain and not come back until 8pm. those days are like good but.... lame honestly.

anyway he left at 7 like usual and i slept an extra hour and a half when he left until work at 9 then he got to work at 10.

which now that orson is fired he will be having more hours and shifts! i wonder what that means for our time together haaaaaaaa.

well today he has a longer shift until 8 so he offered to walk the beach together at 10 which gives him time to go home for a little. works for me i guess. tomorrow he does have a double so im sure he will be going home only at night which makes total sense. but thats the circumstance where i could offere to do what he did saturday which is meet me after my shift late at night but i cant so anywayyyyyyy


ps saturday from what i rememebr was pretty satisfying and niceeeeeeeee too:

i had the morning off and he was off alll day so he spent it from morning till 4pm with me <3333333

we woke up and got ready for the day i painted my nails  (coney island cotton candy plus essie holo flakes on top, LOVE the combo), showered and got ready while he went home and did his thing. perfect timing when he got back we headed out to do my errands of platos closet. i had eaten cereal ecpecting that he would go to walmart to gas station before arriving but he didnt.
while we waited for the clothes to be inspected we poke hunted the plaza and snapchatted lol

i got 38$ from platos and spent 40$ for our lunch at a cuban restaurant.  i wanted to just save the cash made from the used clothes but it was fine using it on my boyfriend i mean i rather eat cheap anyway but whatever every once in a while, treat ourselves right. i had a beer and a salad he had 2 beer and a meat/rice plate.

then we needed to go to mirmar but it was far and he was sleepy / wanted to be lazy so we went home visited grandma and took a nice nap for an hour before my shift <3

i was energized for work and did everything i needed to do better than usual. thats my new outlook on silverspot. the last couple of shift i figure being proactive never hurt anyone and i might as well be known as the one that barely works there but work the best every time. anyway i'm getting better tips becasue of it but i just need the energy and will power to continue to work the way i should! like when i worked at panera, doing things right before anyone has to ask :)


07 October 2015 @ 06:58 pm

  • new username to separate pre-teen with teen years with young-adult?

Okay it's not really bothering me so it's not a huge dilemma but I do think that if I want to keep a social media life I might want to think about starting with a new username. But if I'm ever going to talk to online friends again it's probably only going to happen with my old accounts. I don't see myself befriending or talking to people in new fandoms so maybe what I've got is better than starting over. That would mean starting fresh and real lonely lol. So I guess I just convinced myself to stick with what I've got huh.

Now if I want to just keep up eljaying or tweeting for myself then at that point I can come up with some boring name like SandraD2015. Nothing suites me anymore though. ): Bitingsu isn't me anymore, unfortunetly. Anything with my name in it still isn't me either, at least I think ...

My pre-teen years included usernames with fandoms as well, things like: xwhatsernamex21, linkinpark101721, bitingflesh, dynomitejive... My Teen years brought along kpop: bitingsu, sulust, bambayah, etc.

My usernames have great memories attached, don't yours? You rememebr the conversations you had with people that knew you by that name and the content you enjoyed together. The spazzing, spamming, ranting, and the good times.

I just have a list of topics that I can pick and choose from to write about when I feel like typing and when I'm bored at work like I usually get around this time. I think I do it mostly because I miss it and because hey, it's not a bad thing to practice writing even if it's just personal type content. This one didn't really go anywhere but, I won't be stopping just yet. This one's super short and stupid ---- my contribution to the world wide web!
06 October 2015 @ 04:25 pm
We are headed back to the big apple! I don't even remember off the top of my head when it was that we first went  with the parents but boy was it a memory. That time the trip included One Direction and this time it will be Big Bang. I've been into BB for longer than One Direction but there's a great difference in seeing them live. I've already seen 1D 3-4 times where as this is a first for Big Bang. It's always been impossible to catch a Korean artist when they come to acutally tour the US. When we were certain we were going to see 2PM (and opening act 2AM or Wonder Girls) in Orlando, they canceled our part of the tour. When JYJ made it here those 2 times I couldn't get the money to make the trip becasue I didn't even have a job then. Now that I have jobs it's more difficult to get time off for the concerts than it is to muster up the money. To this day it pains me to think Junsu was so close yet so far when he came to NY! I still dream of the day I get to see JYJ live. I know it'll be a while since 2 are enlisted but wouldn't it be a miracle to see them perform whether it be in the US or even better in their S. Korea... Okay now I'm dreaming too hard but it is on my list and if I have the opportunity believe me when I tell you I will take it. I plan on visiting Korea at some point no matter what so might as well make it a prerequisit to get a concert (and musical) in the itinerary.

Back to the real deal, Big Bang. The legends themselves. We are going to be in the VIP section so I hope that means I can see their faces without the monitors. That's what I'm hoping and if it comes out that way, oh dear, someone hold me please. I remember a time when this would have been even more exciting than it is right now but those days of true obsessing are gone and I've got to come to terms with that. Although I'm not truly obsessing over Kpop stars like I once did, it will still be completely an experience for the books.

But hey we are going directly for Big Bang but we extended the stay there to make it a good 3 1/2 days to explore together. It's Daisy's birthday the day of the concert, lucky bitch huh? And so Anthony joined after we got our concert tickets and it was official. Maribel and Stephanie were in it from the announcement, so it's 5 of us roaming the streets. Let's see how this goes down. Personally the main things I would like to accomplish while re-visiting the city is: karaoke in koreatown (something we wouldn't do with our parents), and exploring central park a little more. If we get that done I think I'll be content until the next time I get up there. ;) Maribel did bring up rooftop garden restaurants/bars and that sounds appetizing too. Also, Daisy wants her first tattoo and I wouldn't mind getting one too but I don't think I will seeing as I had little time to do research on the parlors there... And Stephanie wanted to go to the Empire State Building and seeing as Daisy and I already experienced that, making it a night time experience would be a bonus in my opinion! These are extras that would be awesome to get done. I've been trying to plan everything day-by-day to a "T" but in the end I just want to get up there and let it flow and most of all simply ENJOY. That's my goal right now, to enjoy the whole time and not have any hard times.

Last time I got to see Phantom of the Opera on broadway in the second row and Lion King a little further back and unfortunetly I got pretty sleepy during both but the parts I was fully awake for I loved to bits. So this time Aladdin is definetly the best one up, and it should be fun (comedy status)! I'm simply excited for the whole trip though. This should be pretty fun and hopefully not another grand in fun but the money is worth it i the end becasue this is what we should live for. Experiences make us who we are, right? Not possesions. Although I'd love to have a new car with bluetooth right now or my own apartment right now, it can all wait a little longer because I've got things to do and places to be. Plus I can continue working hard until I do have enough for my own place. This post just goes all directions lol. End.
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Music: VW showroom playlist
19 September 2015 @ 02:56 pm
I'm listening to the music at Volswagen showroom and Aint No Sunshine When She's Gone is on and its such soul music all i can think of ed singing it at the concerts and its a perfect match for him and his music style. I guess I do like many types of music but it does depend on the voice of the singer and the looks play a part in me following them or not. I may like an older man song but if he isnt attractive to me i might not want to search him up and go to his concert
17 September 2015 @ 02:15 pm
Do you enjoy traveling by airplane? Why or why not? What's the longest uninterrupted flight you've been on, and what did you do to pass the time?
This year I’ve been on a more than a couple planes and I do enjoy traveling my airplane simply because it’s quick to get you to your destination when you are on a tight schedule. If I had all the time to vacation and travel then I would probably choose going by car because I enjoy road trips. But I do not mind airplane rides compared to people that can’t stand them, I’m pretty okay with them. I think the longest uninterrupted flight was probably from Ft. Myers (RSW) to California (SFO). I don't remember what I did specifically on that ride but usually to pass the time I watch a movie, talk to my flying party, and maybe take a nap as well. I usually do get pretty sleepy and sleep for a portion of almost every flight I’ve been on. Obviously it's not the most comfortable sleep but as long as I have my extra jackets to keep me warm I find a way! Time truly flies when you're unconscious.