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30 January 2017 @ 02:31 pm
FEELING FEISTY + weekend overview  

Okay, maybe feisty is not the word for it but I've got my red velvet shoes, my matching scarf, and some oxblood red lips to throw it together today. I was yawning up a storm at 11 but now I'm awake and ready to get things done this week!!? I brought down my scarf bag and I'm trying to gently incorporate them in this week, which works because it's pretty chilly! Tomorrow I'll try the leopard scarf with all black outfit except some tan flats. ;) Also really trying to wear lipsticks more often even though my lips are usually dry and chapped AF, it's worth the shot. We just have a plethora of lipsticks in our makeup collection and I"m addicted to using such a small limited amount that I need to break out and use at least 3 a week to get my money out of some of them!! Seriously between my sister and I we have at least 20 MACs and at least 70 of other brands so... using 3 lipsticks over and over is not cutting it for me. makeup is a topic to talk about for hours as well. i wish we could just stop buying it and go through a third of what we own before buying more but it just won't happen. Same with nail polishes, over 100 and not enough time to use them all. My nails have been paint less for more than a week now, WTF!

I turned in the group assignment that's due before class tomorrow, and kinda proud that I got it put together and turned in before the other girls in the group even bothered to discuss our plan for it. For once I can push them since they are more interested in just talking social/ sorority life. I'd be like that if the calss weren't so darn easy to finish up quickly THEN talk or if I had friends in the class lol. Anyway now I have 3 assignments due Sunday which I can get done.... Before Friday I'm sure. Thankfully the online class is easy so far as well and I just need to read a bit before taking the quick quizzes, cause I haven't been Aceing them...

This weekend was planned out to be awesome and full of new "adventures" but it didn't work out as planned. Saturday we planned to go ice skating as a big group around 8:30, but when we all arrived, minus the ones that cancelled, it was so packed that our shoe sizes were not in stock. So we had to come up with a makeshift backup plan which turned out to be just Starbucks for like 10 minutes then go home -_- I will try again another night but maybe get there RIGHT when it starts instead of 30 min into the event. I was mostly bummed because of having the chance to hang out with Barb for once in a blue moon but it not working out, sucked. Otherwise, NBD.

Then we had bought meat for a Sunday beach BBQ with Abdul since his bday had just passed, but that completely fell through because the weather was cold and rainy. :( Since we couldn't meet at the beach I didn't feel like meeting up with just a few people at his house, a bit awk sadly. So, instead we chilled at home and watched the fourth underworld movie which we both fell asleep during... lol Then we headed out with the parents and magde to GCTC to eat at calistoga but we couldn't find the darn restaurant so we settled for panera again... Then we made it on time to the 8PM showing of the fifth Underworld movie.

Overall, it was still a fine and enjoyable weekend since I'm easy to satisfy I guess and I got to chill in my pjs and slippers half the day on Sunday while I did laundry hehe. We just need to re-plan something with Barb and something with Abdul!

Mood: awake
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